Case Studies

We could talk for hours about the great outcomes we deliver to our customers, but nothing we say would be as convincing as showing you specific examples of our success stories.

Here a few case studies around the solutions we’ve implemented across a wide variety of sectors.

A scale build-up in a reverse osmosis treatment plant had rendered it inoperable. Our team redesigned the pipe-work, reticulation system and tank and, using a chemical injection, fully removed the scale in just two days. The plant was back up and working from that moment on.

The new system we designed and implemented will help prevent the future build-up of scale, keeping this valuable asset in good working order for much longer.

PPS was engaged to test the existing bores on a large cattle property, with a view to harvesting and storing water for cattle on around half of the property. We tested the bores, and supplied tanks, valves, pumps, generators, pipelines and troughs. The bores are now set to run automatically and remotely.

The system we specified includes probes that monitor water levels and automatically operate the entire system when the predetermined requirements are met, ensuring water is available for the cattle to drink.

The use of a dense medium provides the most efficient and cost-effective approach for the separation of clean coal from raw coal. Finely ground magnetite has become the medium of choice for the Australian coal preparation industry. Magnetite is a very expensive product, and in the case of our client, the costs were considerable.

Their difficulty was that the system they had to recover the magnetite was very ineffective causing considerable wastage. Using newer spraying technology, we designed a system of spray bars that improved recovery rates by 60%. The saving to our client is expected to be in the vicinity of $400,000 per annum.

For environmental reasons, it is vitally important to mining companies that water seepage is well-controlled. Our client sought to proactively manage a water seepage threat and we were engaged to design and implement a water catchment and management system.

We designed a system that required installation of a diesel pump and also an automatic start/stop solar operated pumping unit, complete with a backup generator and utilities solar panel. The pump harvests any water seepage and redirects it to a holding area. PPS also performs daily site visits (7 days) to check the system, refuel the pump and ensure the solution we developed is controlling seepage effectively.

High-molecular-weight polymer flocculants are used for accelerated dewatering of mature fine tailings, and its use is an important method of tailings compaction and water recovery in the mining industry. In this instance, the tailings outlets were of a free flow downhill construction and the incoming flow was impacting with significant force. This had the effect of shearing the flocculant from the tailings as it impacted with the earth and rock floor.

As a result, the tailings were not stacking at the optimum level. We designed and installed a tailings disperser that slowed and effectively spread out the treated tailings, reducing the energy of area impact and restoring the effectiveness of the flocculant. This solution has assisted in extending the life of the existing tailings pit through use of secondary flocculation.