House & Yard

Your front yard gives a huge first impression – and a good first impression will take you far. PPS also caters to all your home’s water needs on the inside as well.

So whether you want to wow passers-by with your green thumb, enjoy a long hot shower that doesn’t go cold after three minutes, boost your water pressure, rig up a gorgeous fountain or pond, or enjoy clean filtered water straight from the tap, PPS has the products and services to make all this happen, and more.

We supply:

  • Chlorine filters for showers
  • Dog kennels and water feeders.
  • Garden hoses, taps & fittings
  • Hot water circulation pumps
  • Household water pressure systems
  • Pond and fountain products
  • PVC pipes and fittings
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Turf irrigation systems
  • Water filtration systems for above and below your sink
  • Weed spraying products